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Africa Exclusive

Luxury safari specialists Africa Exclusive first hired Maximum Exposure to write for their blog. After that, the scope of our work grew until we did the majority of their copywriting and editing, and wrote and implemented the PR strategy for both Africa Exclusive and its sister company, Journeysmiths.

With a well established company such as Africa Exclusive, the marketing needs and client relationship dynamics are very different to those of a virgin brand. We worked collaboratively with Africa Exclusive’s experienced in-house team on a coordinated approach to marketing and PR.

Africa Exclusive’s bespoke trips are the definition of luxury, so there was inevitably high demand for press trips. Maximum Exposure ensured only journalists writing for Tier 1 publications were chosen, including celebrity adventurer and writer Levison Wood, who we sent to Kenya for The Telegraph.

Our attention to detail paid off: a single press trip generated more than 20 travel articles (including in The Telegraph, City AM, and Travel Africa Magazine), plus three Instagram takeovers with Bradt Travel Guides. In 2020, we secured an exclusive arrangement with The Telegraph to cover Africa Exclusive’s 30th anniversary expedition from source to sea along the Zambezi River. This celebratory event was postponed due to COVID-19, but we look forward to seeing it take place once travel restrictions allow.

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“Having known Sophie as a travel writer for several years it was a natural progression for us to work with Maximum Exposure to develop the PR side of our marketing strategy. Their understanding of our target market, relationships within the industry and commitment to driving our strategy forward have been invaluable to us in navigating what can be an expensive and time consuming area of our business.”

Laura Burdett-Munns, Africa Exclusive