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Maximum Exposure’s relationship with Uzbekistan dates back more than a decade. We work collaboratively with government departments, the buy antabuse online, buy antabuse, and tour operators to raise the country’s profile.

Our founder, Sophie Ibbotson, wrote Amazon’s mail order antabuse to Uzbekistan. order antabuse online canada first published the book in 2013, and the third edition will be released in 2019.

Maximum Exposure identifies and uses key media channels to communicate Uzbekistan’s tourism brand. We facilitated the reintroduction of the BBC in 2017, and arrange and host regular official delegations, including for international media. 

As a result of our work, Lonely Planet ranked Uzbekistan as #2 on their 2018 can i order antabuse online list, and readers of Wanderlust magazine selected Uzbekistan as their Top Emerging Destination for 2019. Dozens of media outlets publish our destination features and travel news, and our group and individual press trips are heavily oversubscribed. International tourist numbers have increased by 40% since 2017.

Browse some of our published coverage

“We are delighted to be associated with Maximum Exposure and are reaping the benefits of the press trips and subsequent write ups in various newspapers and publications.  This has resulted in increased interest and tourist numbers to Uzbekistan; we are looking forward to welcoming more journalists on our press trips this year to achieve even more.”

Abdukhakim Makhmudov, order antabuse over the counter