Every year Maximum Exposure organises dozens of press trips on behalf of our tourism and culture clients and partners. Will you be joining us on an adventure this year?

Some of our press trips are linked to special events. We sent TV explorer Levison Wood to Kenya with Journeysmiths to run in the Safaricom Marathon; we ran the international media team for the Driving with Zoe classic car rallies; and we organised an epic heli-skiing press trip to mark the opening of Amirsoy, the first modern ski resort in Uzbekistan.

On this page you’ll find dates and details for our forthcoming group trips, which we also share on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. You can also read about our criteria for individual press trips, which take place throughout the year.

Individual and group press trips

2021 trips

All Maximum Exposure’s press trips are currently suspended due to COVID-19. We will re-announce dates when we can, and look forward to hosting you in North Macedonia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and beyond!

“Very happy to be back in Kenya… Thank you to Journeysmiths and Maximum Exposure for making this trip possible, can’t wait to see what’s in store.”

Levison Wood, writing for The Sunday Telegraph