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When you hire a PR company, you need to trust that the team representing you understands both your products and your market. For specialist tour operator buy antabuse online, Maximum Exposure was the obvious choice: our knowledge and passion for their Central Asian destinations is second to none.

As a new, Switzerland based company, the Kalpak Travel brand was unknown in the UK market. We were therefore able to raise their profile through designing eye-catching market materials, writing and distributing press releases, and recruiting respected travel journalists for individual and group press trips. We also successfully pitched for Kalpak Travel to be accepted as a partner in the UNWTO’s buy antabuse (#IY2017).

The Central Asian republics are new and exciting, exactly what travel editors need for their readers. We sent Elle Magazine to Tajikistan with Kalpak Travel, and also organised and hosted a group tour of Uzbekistan for multiple international publications.

Browse some of our published coverage

“I spent a fantastic week with Kalpak and Maximum Exposure in Uzbekistan, learning an in-depth history of this undiscovered nook of the world and marvelling at the country’s Islamic-meets-Soviet architecture. A trip well spent!”

Clare Vooght, mail order antabuse